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Theme: Exploring Breakthrough Cell & Gene Therapies and Future Insights in China from R&D to Commercialization

The world has witnessed the booming of gene and cell therapy (GCT) in these years. CGT is dubbed as the future industry that is expected to bring hope to cancer patients and is deemed as the next growth driver of biopharmaceutics industry.

In recent years, China’s cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry has developed substantially, contributing to around half of the registered CGT trials worldwide with some world-class breakthroughs. China ranked second only after the USA in cancer cell therapies pipeline numbers. According to the publisher, China cell and gene therapy market size is expected to record a CAGR of 20.2% during 2023-2027 to reach US$2.644 billion by 2027, increasing from US$1.053 billion in 2023. Over the last five years, the sector has recorded a CAGR of 25.7% to reach US$0.837 billion in 2022.

Although CGT market in China is flourishing, challenges related to clinical application, product specifications, CMC, quality control, comparability study, potent assay still exist and need to be addressed. Read more…

CGTF Shanghai 2024--Key Symposia and Sessions

A: Basics to Clinical Applications

  • ● Current Landscape and Future Directions of Cell and Gene Therapy Research
  • ● Off-the-Shelf Immunotherapies for faster, cheaper & standardized therapies
  • ● Solid tumors treatment with CAR-NK, TIL, and TCR-T generation
  • ● Enhancing therapeutic efficacy of Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors
  • ● Immunotherapy Approaches: CAR-T Cells and Beyond
  • ● Cellular Reprogramming and Regenerative Medicine
  • ● Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Challenges and Progress
  • ● Non-Viral Gene Delivery Strategies: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency
  • ● Gene Therapy Approaches for Cancer Treatment
  • ● Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Challenges and Progress
  • ● Gene Therapy for Rare Diseases: Navigating Orphan Drug Development

B: CMC and Manufacturing Strategies

  • ● Process Development and Scale-Up: Challenges and Solutions
  • ● Quality Control and Assurance in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
  • ● Gene Therapy Vector Production: Advancements and Innovations
  • ● Developing Next-Generation Manufacturing Technologies
  • ● Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing Strategies
  • ● GMP Compliance and Regulatory Considerations in Manufacturing
  • ● Cost Optimization and Affordability in Cell and Gene Therapy Production
  • ● High throughput characterization of AAV and cell therapy aggregates
  • ● Automation and Robotics in Bioprocessing
  • ● Ensuring Supply Chain Efficiency for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • ● Addressing Logistics Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Distribution

C: mRNA and RNA-Based Therapeutics Focus

  • ● Progress of mRNA Therapies in 2024: Where are we Succeeding & Where are the Gaps?
  • ● Strategies for Design and Development of mRNA Vaccines
  • ● Key Technologies and Strategy for mRNA Therapeutics Development
  • ● Optimization and Upgrade of LNP Delivery System
  • ● Frontiers in siRNA Therapeutics and Challenges of Delivery Systems
  • ● Comprehensive Characterization of the mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticle by Multi Capillary Electrophoresis & LC-MS
  • ● Key Considerations for mRNA Process Optimization to Accelerate Path to Clinic
  • ● Application of Design of Experiment in mRNA-LNP lyophilization by QbD approach
  • ● Research on a Novel Delivery System for mRNA Therapeutics
  • ● Challenges and Prospects for mRNA Cancer Vaccine Development
  • ● Applications of circRNA in Therapeutic Development

Event Features

  • ● 800+ delegates representing leading CGT market players in China
  • ● 100+ attending organizations covering value chain in CGT and mRNA industry
  • ● 50+ eminent speakers from top biotech, pharma, and academics
  • ● 70% on average attendees from primary market (biotech, research institutes, biopharma etc)
  • ● 60%+ attendees at company decision making and director level
  • ● 2 conferences at 1 location with 8 focused streams

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